These are some of my paintings from over the years. The more recent ones done here in Japan have been part of an effort to develop new painting techniques. Many of my paintings have been given to friends and relatives all through the years so we no longer have them with us. For that reason they were kindly photographed and submitted by their owners so please excuse any quality issues.

While I do not plan to ever sell the original oil paintings because we and those who have them love them, those that are with us are available from two reproduction services so if you are interested in purchasing a reprint, please check out my pages there. I recommend the “Canvas Print” option for an experience that is closest to the original.



My recent paintings. Most of these were scanned from the original and are available as canvas prints from the reproduction services mentioned above:

Some of my earlier paintings, going back as far as the 1960’s, photographs were kindly taken and submitted by their current owners:

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