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As mentioned on the main page, my original paintings are not for sale – most of the recent ones are displayed in our home and my previous paintings have been given away to friends and relatives through the years. There may occasionally be an original painting that we might want to sell or give away, if this happens, we will announce it on our Facebook page so make sure to like it and set it as “see first” in your news feed.

However, the paintings that are with us have recently been scanned and uploaded into two reproduction services so if you like any of them, you can get a canvas print and display it in your home. Since we wanted to make sure that canvas prints really are most identical to the original painting, we ordered a sample. Check out the comparison video we made about our experience:

Well we totally love it! In fact it way exceeded our expectations. It is almost better than the original 😍 For this test order we decided on my Arakawa river painting because the apartment building we live in has a small entrance lobby and we thought it might be nice to display it there, since all residents can relate to the nearby well-loved riverside area, and would probably enjoy looking at it when passing through the lobby. When ordering the canvas print of this painting, there were 3 sizes available, the original, a larger and an even larger size. We chose the second since a larger size looks better for displaying in the lobby.

Our suggestion was since welcome and accepted, so here are some pictures:

Summary: The canvas print really does look like the original painting, it is very sturdy with thick frame, hand-stretched canvas and well made in general. There is a hanging wire in the back.

Society6 and Fine Art America, the reproduction services where canvas prints of my paintings can be ordered, both ship worldwide and they have several branches all over the globe so depending on where you live, your order might come from various locations. Our canvas print was shipped from Australia (we live in Japan). The canvas print was wrapped into bubble wrap and then placed into a cardboard box so it arrived intact and in perfect condition.

It is great that we did this test and we love seeing the painting every time we pass through the lobby of our building! With this experience I’m definitely happy to recommend canvas prints of my paintings and hope that they will bring lots of happiness to all of you who get them. Paintings can be very uplifting and my goal for every painting I paint, is to do it well enough to uplift the people who view it.

There are currently 20 paintings available as canvas print and any new ones will be scanned and uploaded as they happen. Identical to the original – they really are – I’m confident that any of my paintings will be a wonderful addition to your home or office, transforming the atmosphere in a positive way and bringing you lots of joy. Depending on the particular painting, you can choose from several sizes.

Pages of my paintings that are available in canvas print:

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